Services for car fleet & van fleet

Having a fleet that is always ready for action is essential to stay mobile and keep your business operational and cost-effective. Pneuhage Fleet Solution is the service provider for Fleet Management of your car fleet and vans, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your day-to-day business.

Fuhrparkmanagement für PKW und Transporter

Services for car fleet & van fleet

Having a fleet that is always ready for action is essential to stay mobile and keep your business operational and cost-effective. Pneuhage Fleet Solution is the service provider for Fleet Management of your car fleet and vans, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your day-to-day business.

Car fleet Service for all fleet sizes and requirements

Every company car needs regular professional maintenance. This not only preserves the manufacturer’s warranty but also ensures the driver’s safety by maintaining the vehicle’s optimal condition.

With our Fleet Service for car fleets and vans, Pneuhage Fleet Solution offers multiple components to ensure the mobility of your fleet. Specializing in all services related to your company car fleet, we tailor your personal service package from a wide range of tire and car services. This way, as a fleet manager, you always receive exactly what you need, individually and according to your specific requirements.

Professional car and tire service
Optimization of your fleet mobility through customized Service offerings
Individual Fleet Consultation
Creation of personalized service packages based on detailed fleet analysis, cost and environmental checks
Digital Fleet Management
Process optimization and increased efficiency in vehicle utilization through modern digital solutions
Secured Mobility
Ensuring continuous mobility through services and mobile installations
Support in Sustainability Matters
Development of Sustainability Concepts, use of economically optimized tires, consideration of alternative propulsion technologies
Support for Sustainability Issues
Creation of Sustainability Concepts, use of economically optimized tires and consideration of alternative drive technologies
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Benefits for your car fleet including vans

We not only ensure maximum mobility for your car fleet, including vans, but also provide tailored support and management. Our comprehensive service package is based on reliability and carefulness in all aspects of extensive Fleet Management:

Application areas of your car fleet

When it comes to car and transporter fleets, fleet managers have different requirements for an external fleet service provider. The needs of trade companies regarding fleet administration and maintenance are significantly different from those of, for example, nursing services. Pneuhage Fleet Solution understands these diverse requirements and can respond to them effectively with customized solutions.

Fuhrparkmanagement für Außendienst-Flotte
Sales force fleet
Fuhrparkmanagement für Carsharing-Anbieter
Leasing, car subscriptions, car sharing
Fuhrparkmanagement für Pflegedienste
Home care services
Fuhrparkmanagement für Handwerker
Fuhrparkmanagement für Rettungsdienste
Emergency medical services, ambulance services
Fuhrparkmanagement für Gartenbau-Unternehmen
Garden and landscaping businesses

Trustworthy collaboration

Pneuhage Fleet Solution is a strong partner for many well-known companies operating both nationally and regionally. We are proud to count renowned fleet and leasing companies among our customers, such as Leaseplan, Arval, Alphabet, Sixt Leasing, and many more.

Trust in our services in the field of automotive and tire service. We will do everything in our power to keep your fleet moving!

Service modules for car and van fleets

Whether it’s for customer appointments or installation assignments, vehicles are often used by different employees of the company and need to be constantly ready for use. With competent advice and a comprehensive Service package, Pneuhage Fleet Solution ensures that your vehicles are safe and efficient on the road.

Tire Service

Comprehensive Tire Service for car and van fleets.
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Car Service

Professional Car Service, performed by quality-certified workshops.
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Mobile Service

Time savings through mobile installations, conversions, and tire repairs directly on site.
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Pick-up and drop-off Service

The pick-up and delivery service provides significant time savings and thus increases fleet efficiency.

Take advantage of our Services for your car fleet and keep your fleet maximally mobile.

Fleet Management for your company cars

Behind professional Fleet Management, there is much more than just the maintenance and upkeep of vehicles. To efficiently manage a fleet, all fleet processes must run smoothly. Downtime is not only inconvenient for your customers in terms of rescheduling, but it is also costly. To provide you with the best possible support, Pneuhage Fleet Solution takes into account all relevant aspects of your Fleet Management:

The company car fleet of your fleet needs to be used in the most cost-effective way possible. Ideally, this means reducing costs while maintaining high performance. With the fleet management services of Pneuhage Fleet Solution, we support you in achieving this goal:

  • Reducing acquisition costs for vehicles, parts, and tires
  • Minimizing vehicle downtime
  • Optimizing operating costs for cars
  • Lowering car workshop and maintenance expenses
  • Optimizing car route utilization
  • Decreasing car rental, depreciation, and leasing costs
  • Ensuring compliance with fleet obligations (UVV), driver’s license checks, etc.

To be optimally prepared for the future, we continuously monitor the latest developments for car and transporter fleets:

  • Electric mobility with fleet charging stations
  • Tires for electric vehicles
  • Eco-tires for combustion engine cars
  • Emission reduction for cars
  • Training your employees for fuel-efficient and low-emission driving behavior, and more.

To ensure transparency in our Fleet Management and to measure agreed-upon goals, we employ Digital Fleet Control through our management software “MyFleetPlus.” This software serves as the basis for all planning and control of your fleet.

Tires & Complete Wheels for car fleet and van fleet

The choice of suitable tires and complete wheels for your car fleet and van fleet depends on several factors: Where do your company cars mainly operate? Are they primarily used for short distances or long distances, on paved roads or occasionally off-road? Are they driven by a single driver or used for transporting heavy loads?

Depending on your industry and specific requirements, the experts at Pneuhage Fleet Solution can recommend different tires that significantly enhance vehicle safety and reduce costs.

Our complete wheel service is particularly interesting for larger car fleets. Not only can you customize your wheels from a selection of over 1.3 million tires and 400,000 rims, but they can also be professionally mounted and delivered to you promptly using fully automated assembly lines.

PKW-Reifen und Kompletträder

„Pneuhage Fleet Solution has been our long-standing partner for tires and car services. Expert advice, maintenance and repairs according to manufacturer specifications, efficient processes, and fair prices were decisive factors in our decision to choose Pneuhage.“

Christoph Retterath
Division Manager Insurances & RMT, LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH

Additional services for car fleets and transporter fleets

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