Services for your commercial vehicle fleet

As a specialized fleet Service provider, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient commercial vehicle fleet. That’s why we support you in all aspects of your commercial vehicle fleet.

Fuhrparkmanagement für Nutzfahrzeuge

Services for your commercial vehicle fleet

As a specialized fleet Service provider, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient commercial vehicle fleet. That’s why we support you in all aspects of your commercial vehicle fleet.

Fleet Management for commercial vehicles

Regardless of whether your vehicle fleet consists of construction machinery, forklifts, or tractors, efficient fleet management and reliable vehicle operation are essential for all fleet owners. With our professional fleet service, we offer tailor-made solutions for your commercial vehicle fleet.

Discover our offerings and benefit from our comprehensive services for your fleet.

Advantages for your commercial vehicle fleet

The product range and services offered by Pneuhage Fleet Solution propel your commercial vehicle fleet forward. Whether it’s our extensive network coverage, professional tire service, or on-site mobile installations for all types of commercial vehicles, we have you covered.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our comprehensive range of Services for your construction machinery, forklift, and tractor fleets. Let us work together to make your fleet more cost-effective and sustainable.

Applications for your commercial vehicle fleet

There are various types of commercial vehicle fleets, ranging from agricultural machinery operated by contractors to forklift fleets in logistics centers, and construction site fleets consisting of wheel loaders and mobile excavators. Mixed fleets are also common.

Each of these commercial vehicle fleets has its own unique requirements. No two construction sites are the same, and no two farmers have identical working conditions for their tractors. At Pneuhage Fleet Solution, we understand the importance of this individuality, and we take it into account during our consultation and when designing our service offerings. We are here to help you reduce operating costs and maximize the utilization of your resources.

Construction, Road Construction & Construction Industry
Mining, Quarry & Tunnel Construction
Forestry & Wood Industry
Agriculture & Farming
Fuhrparkmanagement für Unternehmen in der Recycling-Entsorgungs-Branche
Recycling & Waste Management
Port, Terminal & Industrial

Service for your commercial vehicle fleet

To keep your fleet of commercial vehicles mobile in the long term and free from breakdowns, we offer you comprehensive fleet Services for commercial vehicles.

After an individual and personal consultation, we will find the perfect solution for your fleet: Tailored to the specific working conditions of your industry and your business, we not only provide suitable tire concepts but also offer customized service packages directly from us. From mobile installation to tire repairs, we keep your fleet up and running!

Tire Service

We offer professional Tire Services for forklifts, construction machinery, tractors, trucks, and cars.
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Mobile Service

Time savings through on-site mobile installations, conversions, and tire repairs.
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24/7 Breakdown service

Manufacturer-independent and Europe-wide Breakdown Service for minimal downtime.
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Would you like to benefit from our comprehensive fleet Services? We would be happy to provide you with personal advice and create an individualized Service package.

Fleet Management for commercial vehicles

Efficient Fleet Management is also crucial for commercial vehicles. However, managing these vehicles can be challenging, as unexpected changes in plans can occur, especially on construction sites or during harvest seasons. You don’t want to experience long periods of downtime in such situations.

With our tailored fleet management services, you can ensure the overall safety of your vehicles. We assist you in implementing reliable fleet processes, significantly reducing costs and saving on labor.

Construction equipment

Successful Fleet Management is crucial for the success of construction projects. Careful planning of equipment utilization, regular maintenance and upkeep, and monitoring of operating costs are essential for every construction site. The appropriate tires for construction vehicles are crucial for timely and safe operations. Effective fleet management can enhance the efficiency and profitability of construction equipment utilization while ensuring safety.

Fuhrparkmanagement für Nutzfahrzeuge


Fleet Management for tractors is an important component of every agricultural operation. It involves the planning, monitoring, and control of all activities related to the use of tractors and other agricultural machinery. Careful planning of vehicle utilization, as well as regular maintenance and upkeep of the tractors, are essential. Monitoring operating costs is also a crucial aspect. The factor of tires plays an important role and can significantly impact these points. With our effective fleet management, we support the efficiency and profitability of your agricultural machinery operations and ensure that all vehicles are operated consistently and reliably.



We also provide our services for forklifts and material handling vehicles. Although they are usually much smaller compared to other commercial vehicles, they are indispensable for all types of goods movement, regardless of the industry or company. Therefore, optimal tire selection and diligent fleet management are of utmost importance. For your forklift fleet, it is essential not only to develop suitable tire concepts but also to consider regular appointments such as safety inspections (UVV), employee training, and more. With our effective Fleet Management, we can significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of your warehouse and logistics processes while ensuring safety.

Customized Products for all commercial vehicles

The tires of your commercial vehicle fleet have to perform at a high level, as it is essential for all vehicles to be ready for use, safe, and fully capable. The perfect foundation for this is suitable quality tires. Pneuhage Fleet Solution works independently of manufacturers and offers a comprehensive range of tires from all brands and manufacturers. With our large warehouses, we always have an impressive selection available for you. Especially for commercial vehicles, an optimally matched tire is indispensable. Whether it’s for forklifts maneuvering heavy loads in tight spaces or mobile excavators operating on rocky terrain, we select the most suitable tires for your vehicle fleet based on a comprehensive analysis.

Further Services and Products for your commercial vehicle fleet

As a fleet specialist, the Pneuhage Fleet Solution offers you a variety of mobility solutions, from optimized services to an extensive product selection – for all vehicles and fleet sizes. Let’s work together to ensure the efficiency and mobility of your commercial vehicle fleet as well!

Tires and Complete Wheels

For your trucks and commercial vehicles such as agricultural tractors, earth-moving machinery, and industrial vehicles, we offer suitable tires and complete wheels.

Digital Fleet Management

Our digital Services help you make your processes even more transparent and efficient.

Mobile Services

With our Mobile Services, we reduce the downtime of your commercial vehicle fleet and provide greater flexibility.

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