Digital Fleet Management

As a fleet decision-maker, your primary concern is ensuring maximum and long-term mobility for your fleet. The prerequisites for this include fast maintenance and inspections, safe vehicles, reliable fleet processes, and transparent fleet condition monitoring. And all of this is ideally achieved with just a click of a button – in other words, digitally!

digitale Lösungen im Fuhrparkmanagement von der Pneuhage Fleet Solution

Digital Fleet Management for increased safety and more efficient processes

As a fleet manager, your primary concern is the maximum and long-term mobility of your fleet. The prerequisites for this are fast maintenance and inspections, secure vehicles, reliable fleet processes, and transparent fleet condition monitoring. And all of this is best achieved with just a click of a button – in other words, digitally!

Increased safety and more efficient processes

Together with our customers, Pneuhage Fleet Solution develops comprehensive models to efficiently manage your entire fleet and individual vehicles while optimizing costs. All analyses are made available to you through our new Digital Fleet Management software, myfleetplus.

Among its many features, myfleetplus provides a clear dashboard with all the essential information about your fleet. From detailed customized reports on the condition of your tires to calendar and reminder functions for maintenance tasks, myfleetplus offers you optimal convenience. Additionally, it simplifies and digitizes performance billing, allowing for easier control and approval processes.

myfleetplus: transparent Digital Fleet Management

Our new software, myfleetplus, effectively supports you in managing all tires in your entire fleet. This creates maximum safety for your fleet and significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns. All maintenance and service work can be planned with confidence. In addition, you have control over location, mileage, and costs, reducing costly tire failures and significantly lowering maintenance efforts.

With myfleetplus, all tire and wheel data, as well as axle assignments per vehicle, are easily and clearly recorded. Procuring replacement needs is also simple because we consider all individual preferences regarding manufacturer brands and qualities that you have communicated to us in advance. And if there are any supply shortages with a preferred brand, suitable alternative brands can be defined or recommended by the system.

Digital service for future-oriented Fleet Management

Wartungen digital planen

With our new software, myfleetplus, and electronic billing control, you can fundamentally digitize your Fleet Management. You have access to many practical functions such as a comprehensive fleet overview, billing management, and online inquiries about your fleet processes.

The key digital services include:

We would be pleased to present our software solutions to you in an initial consultation, without any obligation, and address your specific fleet requirements. See for yourself how our software can significantly enhance the efficiency of your fleet!

Your benefits: Optimal fleet overview

With our digital solutions, we simplify processes and relieve your own Fleet Management. This creates a high level of fleet and vehicle safety – in line with your goal of maximizing fleet mobility.

The advantages of our Digital Fleet Management are:

Digital Fleet Management is not static but dynamic, requiring continuous adaptation. Reliable insights into fleet movements, fuel consumption, and emissions data can only be obtained by keeping everything up-to-date. That’s why we are constantly evolving ourselves and our systems. In the future, we will integrate additional useful features, such as integrating other telematics systems into our digital network.

One system - many details

Overall, myfleetplus ensures more efficient control of all tire and vehicle conditions. This increases vehicle and tire lifespan and contributes significantly to cost-effective fleet management.

Our software offers the following features:

More High5 advantages - Fleet Management in 5 dimensions

The digitization of your fleet processes is just one component of our range of services for commercial fleets. With our “High5 for fleets,” we offer holistic solutions for your Fleet Management, providing you with the key to a cost-effective and efficient fleet, including both car and truck fleets, as well as heavy commercial vehicles. In addition to “Digital Fleet Management,” take advantage of our other four benefits:

Individual Fleet Consulting

Sustainability in Product and Service

Professional Mobility Solutions

Comprehensive One-Stop Service

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