Nice to meet you!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. The name Pneuhage has been synonymous with manufacturer-independent service and product quality in tires and related services for over 70 years.

Nice to meet you!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. The name Pneuhage has been synonymous with manufacturer-independent service and product quality in tires and related services for over 70 years.

Fleet management at the highest level

Specializing in the needs of commercial fleets, Pneuhage Fleet Solution is the central hub for regional and leasing customers with fleets in Germany and Europe. As a fleet management specialist, the company impresses with a comprehensive range of services and high consulting expertise, whether for car and van fleets, trucks and buses, or commercial vehicles of all types and sizes.

Become part of our satisfied customer base and enter into a partnership with us on equal terms!

Nachhaltiges Fuhrparkmanagement

Our Services

Pneuhage Fleet Solution is committed to keeping your fleet mobile and providing professional fleet services every day. The company serves as the central point for optimized consultation with fleet operators, provision of all products and services, and centralized handling.

Pneuhage Fleet Solution consists of over 160 owned branches and over 1,500 partner locations – throughout Europe! The extensive automotive and tire expertise within this cross-border service network, combined with our convincing experience in personal consultation, ensures maximum fleet mobility with highly efficient fleet management.

Our Values

At Pneuhage Fleet Solution, we believe in mutual respect and equal partnership. It is the uniqueness of each individual that sets us apart and makes us better than other market participants. Every employee is encouraged and supported to develop their strengths and contribute their own personality.

Our fundamental principles revolve around high quality standards and maximum service orientation, which are the key to our success. These principles apply not only within our team but also in our partnership with you!

Our shared values are based on:


… is the foundation of our daily work. Clarity in all processes, honest communication, and stable business operations are the key elements of our reliable and strong customer support.


… is the central characteristic of our service offerings. From high-quality products to meticulous execution of our services, we have high standards for ourselves and our work.


… is the appreciation of people and nature. At our company, not only our customers but also all employees are treated with respect and dignity. The same applies to our approach to the environment.

Your Career

Since our foundation in 1953, as a family-owned company, we have based our daily actions on values such as a positive view of people, reliability, openness, honesty, and modesty. Training and further education have a high priority for us, which is why we strongly support the personal development of our employees. Continuous learning is the foundation, and everyone can engage in it with us.

You can find more job openings on the Pneuhage job portal.

We stand behind our employees and demonstrate trust from day one. It’s a welcoming culture through and through! In addition to a family-like working atmosphere, we offer a variety of employee benefits and team events. It’s a collaborative environment without anonymity!

Are you seeking a new professional challenge?
We look forward to receiving your application!

Consultant Backoffice (M/W/D)

Office organization, coordination and order processing is your thing? As an employee in the back office, you are responsible for the master data maintenance, calculate services to customers, coordinate services of our partners and create evaluations.

The position is to be filled within the framework of a parental leave representation, initially for a limited period until February 2024, an indefinite takeover is not excluded.

Head of Internal Sales (m/w/d)

You think sales and customer satisfaction? Then you are exactly right here! As Head of our Internal Sales service, you will continue to develop the sales and processing processes of the Pneuhage Fleet Solution with the aim of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Further expand our sales competence, set up complaint management and support the business manager in other strategically important fields of action.

You can find more job openings on the Pneuhage job portal.

Your Expert Team

Every day, we have the chance to make your fleet more mobile. And we seize it! Our experienced consultants in field sales or in the back office have been working in the automotive and tire industry for many years, some for decades. They are individuals who are always available to assist you with passion and commitment!

Alessandro Fante
Key Account Manager

Alessandro loves his job and, like many at Pneuhage Fleet Solution, comes from the in-house "Pneuhage forge". Although he is still young, he already has extensive experience in fleet management. It all started in 2011 with his apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant, which he successfully completed in 2014. After working in field sales and inside sales, where he always had close contact with customers, he joined PFS as a Key Account Manager in early 2023. His free time is dedicated exclusively to his family and friends.

Aurelie Zimmermann
Consultant Backoffice

Aurelie has been with us since 2022, but she is already a seasoned professional in managing and processing our winter complete wheel service for our fleet customers in the leasing business. But that's not all: she is the first point of contact for our customers in the hotline and takes care of breakdown assistance and order processing. She enjoys spending her free time with her pets, reading, or supporting her football club. Additionally, she volunteers in animal rescue.

Benjamin Gartenmaier
Business Manager

Benjamin has been working in the automotive industry for over 20 years. Initially as a Key Account Manager, he led the national and international fleet business of well-known brand companies, primarily focusing on the implementation and development of fleet management processes. Since autumn 2022, he has been the Managing Director of Pneuhage Fleet Solution, impressing customers, suppliers, and employees alike with his expertise and exceptional commitment. In his free time, he enjoys engaging in activities and team sports that get the adrenaline pumping.

Dieter Köppel
Automotive Specialist

Dieter has been working as a master technician and business economist in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He has managed multiple automotive and tire service branches for many years, gaining extensive experience in implementing fleet management processes in car fleets. With his practical experience as an automotive master technician, he is the go-to person for all technical questions related to cars. Spending time with his family, hiking in nature, camping, and traveling are integral parts of his leisure activities. He has been a passionate musician for years and plays multiple instruments.

Dominik Fetzner
Consultant Backoffice

Dominik has been employed at Pneuhage Fleet Solution since 2021. As a clerk, he primarily takes care of our car and truck fleet customers. He is your contact person in the hotline, handling urgent matters such as breakdowns, complaints, or providing information regarding smooth order processing. Dominik is a dedicated sports enthusiast, and therefore, he spends his leisure time playing football in a club or privately with friends.

Heidrun Naujocks
Consultant Backoffice

Heidrun has been with Pneuhage for over 20 years. It all started with our franchise system Reifen 1+, where she gained valuable experience in tire and automotive service. Now, she successfully applies her experience in the support of car and truck fleets, such as Cargobull or ECR Solutions! A significant part of her leisure time is dedicated to football: after her active playing career, she is now a passionate fan.

Karolin Klein
Consultant Backoffice

Karolin completed her apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant at the Pneuhage Group in 2020 and joined Pneuhage Fleet Solution in 2023. As a clerk, she takes care of car and truck fleet customers in cases of breakdowns, complaints, or fleet orders of any kind, mostly through our hotline. And even when the cases become heated, Karolin always keeps a cool head. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts, but also has a passion for painting and skiing.

Catalina-Bisera Belu
Consultant Backoffice

Catalina represents true Pneuhage continuity: nearly 10 years in the accounts payable department demonstrate great loyalty, a virtue that we highly appreciate at PFS. That's why we are delighted to have her on board. With her degree in business economics and extensive tire know-how, she is a competent point of contact for breakdown and service requests from our fleet customers. Outside of work, she has a great passion for outdoor activities. Hiking and swimming are two hobbies she enjoys in her free time.

Michael Dippe
Key Account Manager

Michael is our ultimate tire expert. He has been working in the industry for 25 years, and since 2019, he has been part of the Pneuhage Fleet Solution team. He has gained fleet management experience in various positions, including at Bridgestone and Knorr Bremse in Munich, managing large national and international fleets. In his role as a key account manager, he takes care of major fleet customers of the Pneuhage group. In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling and tending to his garden.

Larissa Meichßner
Consultant Backoffice

When it comes to providing high-level tire-related expertise, we turn to Larissa. Since 2019, she has been successfully assisting our fleet customers in our hotline, following six years of employment at one of the largest premium tire manufacturers in the industry. Effective customer support requires empathy and likability, qualities that Larissa displays not only in her professional life but also in her leisure time, which she enjoys spending with her family or dining out with friends at good restaurants.

Erkan Simsir
Consultant Backoffice

Information about Erkan Simsir follows

Maria Morovic
Head of System Management

Maria is a Pneuhage veteran and has been with us since 1996. Starting from her training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant, to her role in purchasing alloy wheels, and now in the management of Pneuhage fleet customers, she has gained extensive experience. Her strengths lie in proactive planning of fleet management processes and organizing and coordinating all parties involved. These qualities have made her a successful head of the back office team since 2020. In her free time, she is a true family person and enjoys spending time with those who make her happy.

Samantha Zamzow
Consultant Backoffice

With a solid 10 years of experience in the automotive and tire industry, Samantha's expertise speaks for itself. She worked directly at the point of sale in a Pneuhage branch for many years, gaining a deep understanding of our fleet customers' needs. Therefore, she is the go-to person at PFS when it comes to car and truck mobility. With the same level of expertise, she is also knowledgeable in equestrian sports, as she spends every free minute with horses on the weekends.

Tina Gemming
Key Account Manager

Tina refers to herself as a "Pneuhage homegrown talent," and for good reason. She has been with us since 2009, starting with her training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. She became a tire and automotive professional at the point of sale in a Pneuhage branch in Karlsruhe, and since 2016, she has been making a career as a key account manager at PFS. In addition to her work, she has pursued a degree in business administration with a focus on foreign trade and languages... and much more. And she even manages to find time for her hobby: equestrian sports!

Sebastian Warncke
Head of Commercial

When it comes to the fundamentals of "big tires," Sebastian is the go-to person at Pneuhage. He is our absolute specialist from A to Z. As a trained vulcanizer, he knows exactly what a tire looks like on the inside and what "a good tire" should look like on the outside. This expertise is particularly relevant in the areas of trucks and commercial vehicles, where Sebastian has been in a leadership position for PFS since autumn 2022. He approaches his work with incredible passion and dedication. With the same enthusiasm, he cherishes his role as a family man and enjoys every free moment with his wife and children.

Tino Schulze
Key Account

Tino is a true "Pneuhage homegrown talent" and has been with the company since 2017. During his training as a merchant at the Bruchsal branch, Pneuhage Reifendienste, he learned the ins and outs of the business. He then worked in sales with a focus on truck fleets for 3 years until he transitioned to the fleet management business of Pneuhage Fleet Solution in early January 2023. In his free time, Tino's heart beats for football, which he actively plays in a club.

Andre Steib
Key Account Manager

Further information about Andre Steib will follow.

Florian Horne
Head of Consumer

Since the beginning of the year, Florian has been enhancing the Pneuhage team with his expertise as an Automotive Sales Manager and Automotive Business Economist. With over ten years of experience in the car sector, including sales and sales leadership roles in the motorhome industry, he's adept at team development and motivation. His passion for cars extends to his private life—it's more of a hobby than a job for Florian. Away from work, he loves mountain biking, playing soccer, and spending time with family.

Samantha Keilholz
Consultant Backoffice

After completing her training as a tax clerk, Samantha joined Pneuhage Fleet Solution in 2007. Over the years, she has gained extensive experience in various areas and has now specialized in system accounting. In her free time, she is involved in renovating her own home and teaches guitar lessons. Often, she can also be found on the soccer field, supporting her son and her husband, the coach.

Natascha Hackemer
Consultant Backoffice

Natascha is also a true veteran at Pneuhage. Her career started in 2006 with an apprenticeship as an office clerk and continued from January 2009 in the major consumer department. Over the years, Natascha has experienced numerous changes and innovations within the company group, building a vast wealth of experience. In her free time, she dedicates herself to being a mom, as well as to her other passions: good food, game nights, music, walks, and baking, which she practices with great enthusiasm.