Services for your truck and bus fleet

Successful Fleet Management is our specialty. Whether you operate a truck fleet or a bus fleet, we are your strong and versatile partner.

Services for your truck and bus fleet

Successful Fleet Management is our specialty. Whether you operate a truck fleet or a bus fleet, we are your strong and versatile partner.

Fleet Management for truck and bus fleets

As a fleet manager, your task is to use all vehicles as efficiently as possible and ensure smooth operations. This applies to both truck fleets and bus fleets.

With our comprehensive fleet Service, we support you in managing your vehicle fleet optimally.

Do you want to focus on your core business and at the same time benefit from the advantages of our professional Fleet Management?

Benefits for your truck fleet

If you’re still unsure whether you need the support of Pneuhage Fleet Solution for your truck or bus fleet, let us assure you that the benefits are clear:

Our comprehensive range of Services provides indispensable added value for you as a fleet manager and for your company as a whole. With our extensive network, we offer not only widespread coverage but also a wealth of expertise that can benefit your truck or bus fleet.

Areas of application for your truck fleet and bus fleet

Areas of application for your truck fleet and bus fleet

The composition of your vehicle fleet primarily determines the requirements for an optimally fitting fleet Service. However, there are many more factors to consider, especially for truck and bus fleets. For example, if your buses are used in public transportation or for long-distance travel, or if your trucks are primarily involved in regional freight transport or construction sites, these factors directly influence the appropriate choice of tires.

As part of our fleet consultation, we take into account the diverse areas of application as well as your internal Fleet Management, providing you with optimal support in organizing and managing your fleets.

Trucks & Transportation
Public Transport
Charter Buses
Construction Industry
Municipal Services
Utility Vehicles

Service for truck and bus fleets

To ensure the long-term success and expansion of your company, it is crucial that the vehicles in your truck and bus fleet are running smoothly. With our comprehensive service offerings, we provide you with the appropriate solutions:

Tire Service

Professional Tire Service for your truck, bus, and commercial vehicle fleet, performed by specially trained employees.
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Mobile Service

Time savings through mobile installations, conversions, and on-site tire repairs.
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24/7 Breakdown Service

Manufacturer-independent and Europe-wide 24/7 Breakdown Service ensures minimal downtime.
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We provide individual and personalized consultation: This enables us to always have a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges of your fleet and develop a tailored service package that meets your specific requirements.

Fleet Management for truck and bus fleets

Efficient Fleet Management is a crucial success factor for any operation. Careful organization in administration plays a significant role in this regard. On one hand, it involves planning routes and schedules to ensure timely, efficient, and safe transportation of goods using trucks, as well as the transportation of passengers using buses. On the other hand, monitoring vehicle availability and operational readiness is an important part of successful fleet management.

This is where we come in. With our support, we keep your vehicles ready for operation and help reduce your overall operating costs.

Tailor-made products for all vehicles in your truck and bus fleet

Depending on their construction and tread pattern, tires are suitable for different applications. That’s why it’s crucial to have a precise understanding of all the vehicles and their intended uses in your truck and bus fleet when choosing the right tires.

Thanks to our independence from manufacturers, we can select from a wide range of suppliers and recommend the tires that are perfectly suited to your needs. Our product range includes high-quality products from well-known manufacturers as well as more affordable tires with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Additionally, through our in-house Premium Retreading service, we offer you the opportunity to retread worn-out truck and bus tires, saving you not only money but also valuable resources.

Further Services for truck fleets and bus fleets

Tires and Complete Wheels
Trucks & Commercial Vehicles

For your trucks and commercial vehicles such as tractors, earth-moving machinery, and industrial vehicles, we offer suitable tires and complete wheels.


With our premium Tire Retreading service, you choose both cost-effectiveness and environmental protection.

Fleet Management

Our digital Services help you make your processes even more transparent and efficient.

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